Private consulting is offered to help schools, organizations and churches deal with the specific needs related to issues that kids and teens face. Consulting is also provided for NGO’s that work among kids and teens for any specific project that they plan to execute.


We counsel teens and youths according to their needs which is accompanied by responsibilities and protections. Many have had a positive U- turn from a miserable and broken life upon our personal meeting and counseling. We assure that we will keep your life events confidential and help you live a better life.

Resource Persons

Beyond Barriers provides resource persons for workshops, seminars, camps, colleges, organizations and similar groups during weekends for any specified number of days. They plan and prioritize goals, setting high marks for conducting workshops and seminars that are both practical and philosophical .

Keynote Addresses

Whether it is a small group of kids in a classroom,a group of teachers and trainers who trod the field of education, a mixed group in a school assembly, or a large gathering of students in an auditorium , Beyond Barriers will design, develop, and deliver a program that will “wow” them.


An overview of our work at different places with different people and backgrounds at different settings but all for one purpose "to impact lives". We use upbeat fun songs and music, icebreakers, energizers, crazy games, humorous and meaningful skits, mime, role play, puppetry, dance, motivating true life stories and inspiring and statistical points with creative PPT presentations.